Who is Ell Marquez?

Ell Marquez

Scientific Hooligan and creator of the It's Okay to Be New campaign. I'm living my bliss diving down the rabbit hole of the world of cyber security. In the end, I'm just a simple girl happily lost in the world of technology. This is where I document my adventures in learning.

Who is Ellopunk?

Alter ego of Ell Marquez. Fun, colorful and out to change the tech world, one student at a time. Ellopunk is a proud advocate of Hacking Is Not A Crime and Operation Safe Escape. She has traveled the world for five years, educating security practitioners on subjects from on-prem infrastructure to the cloud and everything in between. As part of her journey in 2021, Ell transitioned to infosec with the focus of training about new threats in Linux and cloud-based environments and newly discovered malware such as ElectroRAT, HabitsRAT, and Doki.

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