Use Your Tech Skills to Save Lives


While we’re fighting for our security and privacy, some are being left behind. Our current advice for securing our digital lives assume that the user is able to take control of their own own lives and are permitted to keep certain facts secret in order to authenticate to a service or device. For those whose threat models include former or current intimate partners their proximity to their attacker means that many security solutions are ineffective and, in some cases, even harmful to implement. This talk will explore cases where traditional security measures fail an already-vulnerable population and how we can use our skills to help offer a life line.

  • The Status Quo
    • What is an APT?
    • Who would win?
    • Social Engineering vs Nation State Actors
    • Real world examples
    • Case Study
    • Lessons Learned
  • What if we, the tech community, got involved?
    • Operation Safe Escape
    • Alice & Bob - Domestic Violence
    • Volunteer skills needed
    • BADASS
    • Revenge porn
    • Impact
    • Volunteer skills needed
    • Civil Rights Initiative
    • Innocent Lives Foundation
    • Current impact foundation needs
    • Volunteer skills needed
  • Getting Started
    • Trace Labs
    • Non-Technical Advice
    • Resources
  • Summery and Answer

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Saving Lives