To the Left, To the Left, Dip Baby Dip


The emergence of the cloud era has resulted in significant changes in the application development process. Traditional monolithic application architectures have given way to more agile cloud-native applications. With this transformation, developers have a greater responsibility to own their code in development and production. However, as DevOps shifting left, the “roll” of security teams begins to dip.

The “Shift Left” movement is believed to ensure that security concerns are considered throughout the entire development process, not just before deployment. However, this transition’s success is questionable at best.

Have we shifted too far left?

Join Ell Marquez, Linux and Security Advocate at Intezer, to explore the relationship between development, operations, and security teams. Discussing how increased visibility from development onto runtime can help us all boot scootin’ boogy together.


A. Sunshine and clouds over a country sky! a. The effects transitioning to the cloud has on the development cycle i. Get your dance on. (The freedom the cloud allowed.) b. Line dancing 101, you don’t need a partner. i. Agile development in the cloud has left behind security teams.
c. The storm is moving in. i.Maybe the transition was not as beautiful as we thought it would be. B. To the left… to the left a. Companies feel they have to move left, putting developers into the center of business decisions. b. Security teams are being trampled as they are still held responsible for compromised environments yet they now lack control and
visibility into company cloud environments. c. Security teams are the ones being forced to “dip baby dip.” C. Cloud native applications development and deployment has turned dev, sec and ops against each other. a. Blameless root cause analysis? C. Let’s make it a square dance! (DevSecOps) a. DevSecOps Unicorns b. Yup, most of us are mules. i. What about your partner! 1. Engineers report visibility into their environments is one of the greatest challenges. 2. It’s more than just scootin, it’s a dance whose success lies between all partners. Visibility and communication are