Confessions of a Sysadmin v 2.0

Abstract: Many of us in the technical community have heard the saying RTFM (Read The Friendly Manual) as advice given to someone learning Linux. In Confessions of a Sysadmin, Ell Marquez a will share the practical approach she used to learn to navigate the command line along with some of the secrets she has learned along the way.

What can I expect to learn? As members of the tech community we have ALL experienced an awkward moment or two… or five. We will go on a journey together break down gates, having honest conversations and hiting a few painful points that we’ve experienced in our careers. From mansplaining and gate keeping to being told that real admins only use arch we will confess the sins of the Linux world in hopes of inspiring the next generation. Along the way we will tell a few stories that we think you just might be able to relate to…

Note: Why is this v 2.0? It’s been half a year since the creation of the original talk and I have learned some lessons along the journey of presenting this talk. Unfortunatlly Allie can not make every speaking arrangment I can so this updated version of Confessions of a Sysadmin allows for the story to continue.

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Confessions of A Sysadmin